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PLEASE NOTE: As of 7/1/2020, LA Mask Brigade has refocused their efforts from individual donations to helping coordinate larger donations from suppliers and other sources. Thank you SO MUCH to all our donors and volunteers for helping us deliver more than 14,000 pieces of PPE to our health care professionals!

We will keep this page active for reference and record. For additional help or inquiries, or if you are a larger supplier or organization that would like to work with us, please contact us at lamaskbrigade@gmail.com

Covering both Los Angeles and Orange County, with over 14,000 pieces of PPE donated

Instagram: @lamaskbrigade
Twitter: @lamaskbrigade

Needed: N95 masks and ppe

Our healthcare professionals fighting COVID-19 need our help.
Please donate your N95 masks and other medical-grade PPE!


1,377 N95 masks
4,362 surgical masks
180 isolation gowns
200 disposable booties
140 medical face shields
120 goggles
7,475 pairs of gloves

14 LA/OC area hospitals have received donations to-date!


(inactive - individual donations have been paused)

(inactive - individual donations have been paused)

Dropoff at Bopomofo Cafe and My Blue Bowl

Find a local hospital to donate your PPE in-person: https://findthemasks.com/

Donation to PIH Good Samaritan (DTLA)

Donations collected from Bopomofo Cafe (San Gabriel)

Donation to St. Francis Medical Center (South Los Angeles)

Donations made to San Gabriel Valley Medical Center

N95 & PPE donations have been made to:

  • Queen of the Valley Medical Center in West Covina
  • Providence St. John's Health Center in Santa Monica
  • Aventist Health Glendale in Glendale
  • UCI Medical Center in Irvine
  • H Claude Hudson Urgent Care in Los Angeles
  • Children's Hospital LA in Los Angeles
  • Pomona Valley Hopsital in Pomona
  • Huntington Hospital in Pasadena
  • St. Francis Medical Center in Lynwood (South LA)
  • Beverly Hospital in Montebello
  • Kaiser Permanete West Los Angeles in West LA
  • San Gabriel Valley Medical Center
  • West Hills Hospital and Medical Center in San Fernando Valley
  • PIH Health - Good Samaritan Hospital in Downtown LA
  • Anaheim Global Medical Center in Anaheim

Thank you to Optimum Seismic for their large donation of 500 N95 masks and 2000 masks & gloves!



We are a very small group of volunteers attempting to fill a (hopefully) temporary need for N95 respirator masks and other PPE in our hard working healthcare and social service communities. Masks are in very short supply in many area hospitals and nursing homes. You may have purchased some of these masks to handle smoke during previous year's fires, or to handle fumes for various projects. Please consider passing these to some of the nurses, doctors, and health care aids who are in need, so we can keep them healthy and safe.

Our goal is to get Los Angeles and OC to donate their N95 masks to our healthcare community by having our volunteers pick up your donated N95 masks and donate them to local hospitals, as well as any other PPE you might have. This can be done through us so you do not need to leave your home, or through direct methods you can take that are listed below.

As we all practice stay-at-home and social distancing, our personal need for these masks is much lower than those on the front lines fighting COVID-19 in our healthcare system.

In Seattle, they collected over 4000 masks in 5 days - we hope to have similar results. We will continually donate all these supplies in waves to a handful of the hospitals that are accepting N95 donations. Our hope is for our own effort to be obsolete as soon as possible once supplies get better or donation systems are ramped up locally.

Mask donations across LA + OC!

How can we spread the message and get this out?

We need the message to get out! Here are a few things you can do to help us:

Quick list (TL;DR) of useful links:

Donate masks for pickup: https://forms.gle/ZotyhvJPajxfmsGr5
Volunteer to help pick up donations:
Request masks:
Find a local hospital to donate your PPE in-person: https://findthemasks.com/


Donate your masks

If you have unused N95 masks to donate or other PPE that you would like picked up, and live in the Los Angeles or Orange County Area, please click here:


  • We are currently collecting from the Los Angeles or Orange County

  • We are taking unused masks (N95 or ASTM 1, 2 or 3 only - hospitals won't accept others) in good condition. Sealed is better but we will find organizations that will accept unused but open.

  • Please wash your hands vigorously with soap for 20-30 seconds before handling masks or your donation.

  • If you have unused masks but in opened packages, please leave a note with your masks in a bag (1) verifying that they've not been used and (2) any expiration date you can find so that health care teams can decide on the appropriate level of risk.

  • If you requested a pick-up and it didn't happen, please re-request it. We've had a few cases where there was no way to enter a building, or where we did not have needed contact info, or the donation was too far out of area for us to get to.

  • Everything is kept private and the submission form is anonymous if you choose. We will delete your information once we are able to pick up your donation.

Volunteer to help pick up donated masks

If you are are able to help collect or distribute donations, and are neither in an at-risk group nor live with anyone who is, please click here:


We are starting from scratch and need anyone who has the time and availability to help us pick up donated masks - we are asking people to simply leave their donations outside their doors for us to pick up, to minimize social contact and having to leave the house.

Areas we are looking to expand help from:

  • Los Angeles / San Gabriel Valley

  • South Bay

  • San Fernando Valley

  • Orange County

Where are these being donated to?

We will identify hospitals that need donations in the LA and OC areas through www.findthemasks.com and who have requested from us directly at the form above. The list of hospitals we have currently donated to is further up the page.

Can I donate directly or ship it?

Direct Donation to hospital or shipping: Some hospitals are taking donations directly - see below. You may also donate directly via shipping:

  • There is a free program to ship any Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to places that need them. They'll give you a label and you ship it off: click here

  • Local LA & OC area hospitals likely exist near you that will accept direct donations. They are listed here on https://findthemasks.com


For hospitals and other healthcare facilities in need:

If you need donated masks and are part of an organization on the front lines of taking care of patients in the Los Angeles area, or an official-type person who can help arrange distribution, please click here:


Other ways to request PPE:

  • Please submit your hospital's information to the #findthemasks initiative here: https://findthemasks.com/

  • You can also register your needs with this PPE shipping program at the following link: click here.

  • There is a crowd-sourced spreadsheet for listing needs: click here


We are a mix of healthcare professionals, working-from-home workers, and anyone else who has the time and bandwidth to help with the effort. We're a small but growing group of volunteers who were inspired by the Seattle Mask Brigade led by UW Prof. Julianne Dalcanton @dalcantonJD to do something similar in Los Angeles and OC.

All specific, direct questions can be sent to our org email at lamaskbrigade@gmail.com. For a specific spokesperson, or if you're interested in doing a similar effort, please refer to Ryan Dumlao who can be reached on Twitter DM at @dlogsr.

We intend for this to be a temporary effort until supply chains or LA/OC county-wide action can become more organized.

If you have further concerns about donations, please note that there are a few other methods to donate including direct-to-hospital that we have linked above.

🙏🏽Thank you to @dalcantonJD in Seattle for the inspiration and tips on setting this up. We have re-used their content and modified it to fit the Los Angeles + OC area. An article about the start of the Seattle Mask Brigade: https://www.fulllifecare.org/the-mask-brigade/

For any questions or issues, please send an email to lamaskbrigade@gmail.com

If interested in helping, expanding or duplicating, DM on Twitter to @dlogsr

Instagram: @lamaskbrigade
Twitter: @lamaskbrigade

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