5 Worst Things You Could Do After Losing Your Car Key

You might want to jump to conclusions or may be thinking really hard at the moment. Where could you have left it? You might be already looking on the internet for a Car Key Replacement Los Angeles. But hold on for a minute. You might not even need all of that. So, you have lost your car keys. Don't get all worked up. Acting hastily could make the situation even worse. Let's have a look at a few mistakes that could cloud your judgment and put you in more trouble than you already are if you happen to misplace your car keys.

  1. Starting To Panic

Panicking or stressing over the fact that you have lost your car keys is not going to help. Do not panic. It is easier said than done but it is not going to help you locate your car keys. People usually end up making several errors and omissions in such a situation. It is important to remain calm and relaxed and think about your options. You will have to trace back all the places that you might have been to before approaching your car to leave for your house. In case you are already home, you might want to check all the rooms and areas that you have been to across your house before locking it up.

2. Forgetting To Look Properly

The next mistake that you should always avoid is ignoring even the least likely spots to search for the keys. Before you decide that the only person you can rely upon is a Locksmith West Hollywood or a car dealership close to you, you must try to recall where you might have misplaced your car keys. Check all your jacket pockets. Make sure to look under the flower pot where you keep your front door keys as well. Do not forget to look under the car and also inside your wallet pocket. Make sure to look for your car keys in the last place that you would expect them to be. This is because you often find them in a spot that is least relevant and highly unlikely to have them in the first place.

3. Smashing Your Car Window

Smashing your car window is never a good idea. Unless it is an emergency, you do not wish to damage your car under any circumstances. If you have your baby or any pet animal locked inside your vehicle, smashing the car window becomes a necessity. Remember that repairing a smashed window is going to cost you somewhere between $100 and $350. This is not an expense that you want to bear just to get your car keys back. However, in any other case, it is just better to either look for a nearby dealership or a locksmith near you.

4. Asking An Unlicensed Locksmith To Come Over

So you have finally made up your mind to look for a Los Angeles car key replacement professional. Should you invite an unlicensed locksmith to craft a spare key for your expensive vehicle? If you do not have any clue about the skills or qualifications of the locksmith, do not hire him for the job. It is always better to look for their Google reviews or go with a website that has a strong reputation for providing the best car key locksmiths in the city. You do not want any unskilled or unlicensed person handling your automobile.

5. Going To The Nearest Car Dealership

You can also think about going to the nearest car dealership or perhaps locate one on Google first to inquire whether they provide spare keys or not. You can then book a cab to drop you at the dealership. But remember, buying a brand-new key for your vehicle is going to cost you somewhere between $280 and $450. Now that is indeed a big amount. And then if you find out that the personnel from the dealership is not in a situation to come with you to examine your vehicle, it is going to take you an additional $100 to tow your car and take it to the dealership.


People lose their car keys everywhere and quite often. If you find yourself in a similar situation, it is always advised to stay calm and composed. Have a dependable Car Key Replacement Los Angeles on your speed dial. Make sure to keep the number of your nearest car dealership as well on your smartphone. Remember, it is your precious car we are talking about.

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