Lord2nz Fire Pro Wrestling World

This site is a quick link to all of my Mods, Arena Textures, Weapons and other random assets I've made for Fire Pro Wrestling World on PC over the last few years.

For most of these arena and weapon textures you will need to use Carlzillas Mod Pack, which can be found at on the ModPack Discord.

Since 2021 I have also starting authoring my own mods, which can be found within the Mod section. These are mainly deathmatch and quality of life mods.

Download Arena Textures for use with Carlzillas Mod Pack.
Arena Edit templates will also be posted here.

Download custom weapons to add to the weapons section of the Mod Pack.
Unique weapons can be found in Hardcore/Deathmatch

Download RAW textures to replace assets using UABE. Now also includes updates for Unique Weapons and Bloodstains Mods.

Last Updated on 30 January 2022
New version of Mod released. Please download and replace your current version.

25 January 2022 Update
Added 2 new weapons to the Weapons section
Updated Mod section with coming soon details.

31 October 2021 Update
Added Download for Outdoor Arena in Arenas

18 October 2021 Update
Added New Mod download with new Pit Fighter matches
Updated User Guide

Please feel free to add me on Steam at Lord2nz.