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Simple beauty begins with clean, healthy skin and that's what Lora's Beauty is about.

Lora's artisan soaps are crafted using an eco-friendly marriage of fresh goats' milk, the best oils, soothing butters, healing herbs, and pure essential oils to create a moisturizing and gentle bar with no synthetic scents.

Feel good about your purchase, no palm oil is ever used in our products. Each bar is crafted in small batches with sustainability always in mind.

Go ahead...pamper yourself and enjoy an affordable luxury!

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Goats' Milk Face & Body Soap

Shampoo & Conditioner Bars

Dish Soap

Gift Wrapping

Gift Wrapping Availiable!

Gift wrapping is done in a usable terry washcloth that's perfect for use with Lora's Beauty soaps and there's nothing to throw away!

Each cloth will wrap up to 5 bars of soap. 'Add To Cart' again if more than 5 are needing wrapped.

Use the text box to indicate which soaps to wrap before clicking 'Add To Cart'. $4

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