Monday 15 May 2023, 11am - 1pm

London Women in Maths Day

Welcome to the first joint Women in Maths Day 

between KCL, QMUL and UCL

Our aim is to bring together female and non-binary academics and PhD students to celebrate this under-represented group and to discuss the challenges related to a career in Mathematics.

Schedule for Monday 15 May

11am -- noon : talk by Prof. Helen Wilson (Head of Department at UCL) 

Title: Fluid and complex: from mathematical modelling to multitasking. A talk about research and life.

Abstract: I'll describe my research and my life trajectory in parallel. Fluid mechanics, across a variety of applications of complex fluids, is the central theme; but there are also two-body problems, maternity leave, and an ongoing attempt to keep research alive while being head of department. 

12 -- 1pm: discussion and FREE lunch

Location: QMUL Room MB-503