Paizo Organized Play: London, Ontario

Welcome to the London Grand Lodge

This is the home of Pathfinder and Paizo organized play in London, Ontario.

What is Organized Play?

In an organized play campaign, your character adventures in a shared setting with thousands of other gamers worldwide. Games can take place anywhere, including homes, game stores, libraries, conventions, and online. Afterward, participants report their adventures’ results, both earning campaign rewards and influencing the fate of the Lost Omens setting.

As part of the organized play experience, you can take your characters to any Pathfinder Society event in the world, allowing you to join a game with friends and strangers alike with ease. And after each adventure, your characters grow stronger and can carry their rewards with them to the next adventure, even if your fellow players and Game Masters (GMs) change between adventures. The organized play experience is uniquely immersive, as the diverse range of players, GMs, and characters provide incredible depth. The campaign is also a great way to meet other gamers and play regularly without needing to schedule regular events with a single set of people as you might for a more traditional game.

In order to help the Pathfinder Society program function smoothly in a shared-world environment, the campaign has some additional rules to ensure a fair and equal experience for all participants—no matter who is playing or running the game. The rest of this guide covers that information.

Paizo’s organized play team oversees the campaign’s content, and team members include the Organized Play manager, the Organized Play lead developer, Pathfinder Society developers, and the Pathfinder Society design liaison. Volunteers called Venture-Officers facilitate the campaign by coordinating games worldwide.

Drop-in play. Games run 3-5 hours.

All welcome. No experience required.

Pre-generated characters and game supplies can be provided.

1700 Dundas St., Unit 7, London, ON N5W 3C9

Saturdays 12-4pm.

Check Warhorn for current sign-ups.

Questions? Email

Getting Started

  1. Sign up on Paizo's website to get your Organized Play ID.
  2. Register with our group on Warhorn to sign up for games.
  3. Join our Discord server and Facebook group!
  4. Read the player guide(s) on the organized play website.
  5. Learn more about Pathfinder on our website.
  6. Come play a game!

Not ready to commit just yet? Don't worry!

Feel free to just show up. We will always try to find a seat for new players. Any are also welcome to just observe a game.

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