Team Manager Corner

Why become a Team Manager?

Without Team Managers, there can't be teams!

Opportunity to teach real-world life-long skills to a bunch of kids you’ll learn to love.

The satisfaction of seeing a bunch of disorganized kids come together as a team to create a unique solution that they can be proud of.

They’ll rub off on you and you’ll be more creative as well.

You can have a tremendous impact on a great bunch of kids.

But also…

Minimal qualifications. Can you spell DI?

Party conversations become a breeze . . . you’ll always have an answer to “What’s new with you?”

Keeping up with your team keeps you forever young (…or gives your hair those distinguished silver highlights).

“Destination Imagination Team Manager” looks good on resume.

“No Interference” rule means “It’s not your job to solve the Challenge.”

Team managing expands your shopping horizons . . . hardware stores take on a whole new look.

You have the opportunity to travel with lots of children to exotic locations . . . by van and bus.

Destination Imagination expands your stockpile of useful junk.

Team materials hide nasty scratches on your dining table.

Destination Imagination cures the mid-winter blues. Time flies when you’re having fun! Or are in Panic mode!