Welcome to Mrs. Ahn's All-Stars

January 14-18, 2019

Hello families!

This week-

Math-We will continue our unit on fractions including unit vocabulary. Fractions represented on a ruler and a number line and parts of a whole will be explained plus benchmark fractions. We will continue to review proper and improper fractions and how it related to a whole and we will learn to convert improper fractions into a mixed number, simplify fraction and compare various fractions.

Science-Different types of weather and the water cycle.

Social Studies-We will start learning to identify Texas' role in the Mexican War of Independence and the war's impact on the development of Texas, and we will explore the history behind the last stand at the Alamo. Our first assignment for this unit is writing a letter to a friend back home detailing the 5 month trip to Texas and the new settlement there.

Things to know this week-

**We are practicing X 10 & 11 and / 10 & 11 mixed.

**Final Science projects will be due on January 15**

**Math homework will be handed out on Monday and due Tuesday, January 22 after MLK holiday**

Useful Sites-