2020/2021 Winter semester

Practical Information

  • Venue: GABF 04/516 in combination with Zoom.

  • Time: 16:00--18:00

Speakers and titles

  • 29.10 Jesse Heyninck (Dortmund) "Conditional inference for abstract dialectical argumentation via revision"

  • 5.11 Nils Kürbis (Łódź & Bochum) "Preliminaries for a Proof-Theoretic Semantics for Modal Operators"

  • 12.11 Jonas Rafael Becker Arenhart (UFSC & Bochum) "Logical anti-exceptionalism meets ‘logic as models’"

  • 19.11 Thomas Zeume (Bochum) "Sketches of Dynamic Descriptive Complexity Theory"

  • 26.11 Sam Sanders (Darmstadt) "Some evidence for Platonism, thanks to Brouwer no less"

  • 3.12 6th Connexive logic Workshop

  • 10.12 Szymon Chlebowski (Poznań) "Abolition of the Brouwerian Axiom"

  • 17.12 Martin Pleitz (Münster) "Surreal Postulation"

  • 7.1 Graham Priest (CUNY & Melbourne & Bochum) "Reflections on Orlov"

  • 14.1 Hitoshi Omori (Bochum) "An alternative semantics for infectious logics"

  • 21.1 Lisa Michajlova (Bochum) "Combining Logic & Probability - A Probabilistic Argumentation Framework"

  • 28.1 Daniel Skurt (Bochum) "Neighbourhood semantics for FDE-based modal logics"

  • 4.2 Allard Tamminga (Greifswald) "Expressivity Results for Deontic Logics of Collective Agency"

  • 11.2 Grigory Olkhovikov (Bochum) "Lindström Theorems in Modal and Non-Classical Logics"

2020 Summer semester

Practical Information

  • Venue: Online

  • Time: 17:00-- (Unless otherwise stated)

Speakers and titles

  • 14.5 Sarah Zobel (Oslo) "Ways to talk about individuals: the case of German `man' in episodic sentences"

  • 28.5 Jonathan Mai (Frankfurt am Main) "Plural Logic is Committed to Sets"

  • 18.6 Kai Wehmeier (Irvine) "A truth-conditional reconceptualization of Dynamic Predicate Logic with no out-of-scope binding" [starts at 18:00]

  • 25.6 Giulia Felappi (Southampton) "Ockhamising Soames"

  • 2.7 Dolf Rami (Bochum) "Single-Domain Free Logics and the Problem of Compositionality"

  • 16.7 Robert Schwartzkopff (Hamburg) "How (not) to analyse Number-Sentences"

2019/2020 Winter semester

Practical Information

  • Venue: GABF 04/358

  • Time: 14:00--16:00

Speakers and titles

  • 10.10 Pierre Saint-Germier (Paris) "Hyperintensionality in Imagination"

  • 17.10 Thomas Ede Zimmermann (Frankfurt am Main) "Variables vs. Parameters in the Interpretation of Natural Language"

  • 24.10 No session.

  • 31.10 Hannes Leitgeb (Munich) "On Merely Expressive Devices"

  • 7.11 Peter Sutton (Düsseldorf) "Semantic criteria for countability and individuation: the importance of the problem of the many in the semantics of count nouns"

  • 14.11 Thomas Grundmann (Cologne) "What experts are and how laypeople can identify them"

  • 21.11 No session.

  • 28.11 No session. [A Workshop on FDE-based Modal Logics]

  • 5.12 Yaroslav Shramko (Kryvyi Rih) "Generalized Consequence Systems and Structural Reasoning"

  • 12.12 No session.

  • 19.12 Andrew Tedder (Prague) "Channels in Logics in the Vicinity of BB"

  • 9.1 Felix Mühlhölzer (Göttingen) "How Arithmetic Is About Natural Numbers and How It Has Models"

  • 16.1 Daniel Skurt (Bochum) "Non-deterministic semantics for normal modal logics - The Project"

  • 23.1 Nobu-Yuki Suzuki (Shizuoka) "Existence and disjunction properties in intermediate predicate logics"

  • 30.1 Erik Stei (Utrecht) "Logical pluralism and the dimensions of plurality"

2019 Summer semester

Practical Information

  • Venue: GABF 04/358

  • Time: 16:00--19:00

Speakers and titles

  • 4.4. Sergei Odintsov (Novosibirsk) "Heyting-Ockham Logic and Hyperintensionality"

  • 11.4. Christopher Badura (Bochum) "De re imagination"

  • 18.4. Gernot Gellwitz (Leipzig) "Compositional vs. non-compositional existential quantification"

  • 25.4. Kai Tanter (Monash) "Making Bilateralism Relevant"

  • 2.5. Peter Verdée (UC Louvain) "Exact truthmaker semantics for classical non-transitive relevance"

  • 2.5. Raymundo Morado (UNAM) "Informational Semantics and Logical Validity"

  • 9.5. Jesse Heyninck (Bochum) "A fully rational argumentation system for preordered defeasible rules"

  • 9.5. Jan Köpping (Frankfurt am Main) "What it takes to be unique "

  • 16.5. Grigory Olkhovikov (Bochum) "Seeing to it that a proof is announced: a survey of justification stit logic"

  • 16.5. Henk Zeevat (Amsterdam & Düsseldorf) "Natural Language Semantics Made Simple"

  • 23.5. Andreas Kapsner (Munich) "Connexivity and the Pragmatics of Conditionals"

  • 30.5. Holiday, no session.

  • 6.6. Tom Skura (Zielona Gora) "Inverse Refutation Rules: an Application to Refined Model Constructions in Modal Logic"

  • 13.6. Break, no session.

  • 20.6. Holiday, [Smirnov Readings], no session.

  • 27.6. Conference "Fiction, Imagination, Epistemology"

  • 4.7. Logic in Bochum V (see here for details, program)

  • 11.7. Carles Noguera (Prague) "Mathematical Fuzzy Logic and graded reasoning"