Lo Ersare is a Swedish songwriter and vocalist originally from Umeå and based in Denmark (2014-) and co-based in Tokyo (2018-).

She came to Copenhagen as a street musician playing the banjo and singing in Christianshavn and later entered the rhythmic music conservatory in 2015.

Lo is a diverse musician who can perform in a broad spectrum of musical genres thanks to her background in folk-music, jazz, performance art and improvisation.
Since 2019 she has focused on writing and recording material for the debut album with solo project Lucky Lo, an alternative-pop quartet that plays relatable music with quirky elements and a retro-modern feel. The music is like a real good drama/comedy series, where the listener unapologetically will be brought from one emotion to another.

She is an active part of the music scene in Copenhagen as a musician, event organiser and workshop leader. Lo has a strong natural drive to envision great content and then proceeds to put it out into the real world to be enjoyed by many. She does not wait for permission to create, and continuously works on finding funding and the right people to cooperate with in order to give the audience a meaningful encounter with music .

Since 2017 she has appeared on 13 albums and performed as a warmup / featuring artist / backup vocalist for Danish bands Blaue Blume, Guldimund and Rumor Said Fire while producing ambient works for interdisciplinary performances.
Lo Ersare is one of these artist brewing under the surface with many fingers in the game but has yet to come out with a defining work. Her anticipated debut with Lucky Lo is her greatest work so far and all that is needed now is a helping hand from the right people to take off.

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