Happy New Year

Happy New Year to all brethren and friends. We hope that your year is one of health, prosperity and - above all - fun. We very much look forward to getting back into the swing of things on Thursday 17th January where we receive our regular "first footers", Lodge Houstoun St Johnstone No 242.

FCD - 17th January 2019

Congratulations to Bro. Connor Adair on (almost) being passed to the 2nd Degree. Connor was passed at the hands of the Office Bearers and brethren of our good friends at Lodge Houstoun St Johnstone No 242. Unfortunately, however, the meeting had to be cut short when one of our brethren took ill. Get well soon Bro. Ian. A fantastic attendance of over 60 brethren witnessed an extremely fine degree.

Connor will have another opportunity to be passed on Thursday 7th February when a FCD will follow the annual visit from PGLRE.

PGLRE Annual Visit and FCD - 7th February 2019

Congratulations to our IPM, Bro. James E Orr on receiving a "clear minute" from the Provincial Grand Lodge of Renfrewshire East for his year in the chair. In return, Bro. James thanked his administrative Office Bearers, PMs, Office Bearers and brethren. The visitation from PGL was headed by Bro. Neil Fraser RWPGM.

Congratulations also to Bro. Connor Adair on completing his 2nd Degree. Connor was passed in an excellent degree at the hands of the Office Bearers of the Lodge. Floor workers were Bros. Alan B Graham PM Treas, William Shankley PM, Alexander Climson SD and Ian Climson RWM.

On replying, Bro. Robert Ferguson, RWM of Lodge Prince of Wales No 426 commented on the fine degree and congratulated Bro. Connor on being passed.

EAD by Lodge St Barchan No 156 - 7th March 2019

Fresh off the back of welcoming the Most Worshipful the Grand Master Mason to receive his 50th anniversary diploma, Bro Eddie Findlay RWM led his lodge into Craigends to confer an excellent EAD on an exemplified candidate. The superb degree was witness by a fantastic turnout of 57 brethren. The candidate was Bro. Iain Wood PM of The Lodge of Erskine No 1566. A great purvey of stovies was provided by Bro. Willie Fleming PM.

At the next meeting, a Notice of Motion will be considered. Visiting brethren will be welcomed into the lodge from 7.50pm (ish) onwards.