Christopher Rutledge's

animated shorts and other works

The Loaf Zone was my graduation film. It received a Vimeo Staff Pick and Best of the Month for May of 2018. It was also featured on a number of animation publications including Cartoon Brew and Catsuka.

Sensitive Hearing is a short that was commissioned by Adult Swim for their series Off the Air, on the episode Sound. It received a Vimeo Staff Pick.

A project for Adult Swim's shorts program "smalls." I co-directed and created this with Tom Goulet.

A reel showcasing a wide range of CG work from FX to lighting, character modeling rigging and animation, and more.

I was approached by Beeple to help with the titles for FITC Toronto 2019. Had a blast working on this with a bunch of other talented artists and friends. My contributions included a bunch of character animation and FX work.

A fun project I had the pleasure of helping REACTIV with. I did the liquid simulations for the ketchup/mustard in the hot dog scene as well as the goopy egg simulation.

Two spots I worked on at Framestore.

I mostly did lighting as well as some general CG work and small grooming tweaks entirely with Houdini and rendered with Arnold.

Visuals created for T-Pain's summer 2018 tour at The Family.

A collaboration I organized with a group animators to create fifteen unique animated clips promoting each track of Flamingosis' album Flight Fantastic.

More fun experiments in rendering, FX, animation and all kinds of other techniques are always being posted on my vimeo, instagram, and twitter pages.