Street-Smart Way to Make Money on the Internet

This is my personal checklist to evaluate any opportunity that I might consider.

    1. Passive Income
    2. Recurring Income
    3. Very low “Out of Pocket” expenses
    4. Minimum Marketing
    5. No admin and hassles – low maintenance
    6. High commissions
    7. No monthly commitments
    8. No Physical products to handle
    9. Company and products or services should be acceptable and popular
    10. Bitcoin as payment method

The higher any program score on the above criteria, the better.

For you to succeed is to just walk in my footsteps… do what I do and you would be pleasantly surprised how easy it is.

We Start Here

I have selected the following product. It is one of many that is offered by the same company, but this one tick almost every box of the criteria above.

Watch this video and see why it's virtually a perfect fit.

(Correction – Video shows incorrect amount of $7125. Should be $5265, which is still very good)

Here is another Video that shows some more practical tips on the 2 x 2 matrix system

Watch Video

Let’s evaluate the Starter Product.

  1. Passive Income – Yes, make money while you sleep...
  2. Recurring Income – Yes, in a very creative and unique way
  3. Very low “Out of Pocket” expenses- Yes, we start with $35 and upgrade with our profits
  4. Minimum Marketing – Yes, only 2 referrals required… cannot be easier than that
  5. No admin and hassles – low maintenance – Yes, everything is on autopilot and only request for commission pay-outs needs to be done.
  6. High commissions – Yes, profit center leverage infinitely. Maximum Profit cycle is more than $42 000. Huge potential and it is very feasible to cycle your profit centers more than once a month.
  7. No monthly commitments – Yes, once off payment and no monthly fees.
  8. No Physical products to handle – Yes, digital products and services
  9. Company and products or services should be acceptable and popular – Yes, the Trillion Dollar Travel industry
  10. Bitcoin as payment method – Yes, and no hassles with accounts being frozen at whim of Payment Gateway Companies.

Only $35 once off and 2 Referrals... as easy as that

Our mission - $5000 per month within 90 days

The videos show you how it is going to happen. Cycle your profit centers ONCE a month... yes, it is very likely to cycle them multiple times a month.

You only have to Cycle your profit centers once a month to achieve that. The more mature your account is, the quicker you will cycle.

Although no one can guarantee your income, it is virtually impossible not too achieve these targets within 60 days if you give it the effort and dedication that your future deserves.

I did my due diligence

I researched this company in great depth and talked with Appi Travel CEO, Danny Gauthier, in Canada.

I am happy with what I found...

A very progressive company with dynamic leadership and well established in a very high growth industry.

Road Ahead

Once you have joined under this link, I will instruct you when and what to do next.

Timing and looking after your down-line is very simple unless you allow it to get out of hand.

I am not charging you anything to show you the way… in fact, I will most likely not even make commission on your business as you are not part of my profit centers.

If you think that you can benefit from my experience, you are most welcome.

Best wishes and success


Start now with only $35, once off