• Wednesday night bible study on break until Labor day. We will be studying a book by Dr. Terry Teykl "Acts 29" This can change the life of our church and our community. 10/18/17 Day Five
  • Shawn Hough will be preaching 10/22/17
  • Allen Needham will be preaching 10/29/17
  • Bible release kids are back in session. We have 89 kids enrolled. If you would like to be involved contact Judy Taylor.
  • Let's get ready for the Evangelism strategy for FTF. Lois has found her team members. We are ready to start the evangelism stratagy
  • Girl scout meeting October 26th @ 6:30.
  • Living Waters Choir practice every other Thursday night @ 7pm starting September 7th
  • Sunday morning small group @ 9am .
  • Session Meeting October 16th @6pm
  • Fanning The Flame meeting October 16th@ 7pm
  • First Sunday of the month Back Pack Ministry: Bring in peanut butter, crackers, breakfast bars, snack items, spaghetti-o, and other easy non-perishable items for local school kids in need. New children's clothes

Help Needed!--sign up sheets for church cleaning & lawn care are located on the back table.

Elder Visits—Sign up sheets are on the back table!