what participants are saying about virtual classes

"When Therese started instructions for Strong Nation, I thought 'this may be over my physical ability'. I was wrong! Wow, what a Great workout! Of all the classes I participate in, Strong Nation is by far my favorite." - Wanda

"Great to be working out with you again. Thanks for making it happen" --KA

"All my favorite songs. Really lifts the spirits. Thank you again for doing this for all of us. " --RP

"I'm not getting much in the way of aerobic exercise - boy did I get it today! I told my husband - Man, I am so out of shape! I may practice yoga a lot, but this was way different. I'm going to try to do it every Monday. " --NB

"The (Parkinson's) videos are FANTASTIC!!!! Really enjoyed them both as it will be enough of a challenge for both groups to keep them interested AND going back to keep working on it! Loved the cognitive piece in the standing by changing up the step/arm patterns- I need to practice! Wonderful." --PH, Muhammad Ali Parkinson's Center (MAPC)

[Chair Yoga] "this is exactly what my body needs." --GH

"It's so good to move again and see your faces. We've missed you guys. Thank you for offering these classes for us." -- LA

"Today’s Zumba was fun! I’m in a much better mood after your classes. 😊 " --VP

"I loved that class today! Great workout! " --JH

"Great class today – quite the sweat fest! I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy and need your class – a bright spot in a very tough time. " --LM

"I tried the Saturday Zumba "ON Demand"... great workout! So happy to have this extra tool in my workout box! " --BS

"I am getting rave reviews on your videos from current class participants from the MAPC downtown. My PWR1 class is especially excited about the balance activities. Thank you so much! I really appreciate such a great, well thought out class." --PH, Muhammad Ali Parkinson's Center (MAPC)