A Hero of Her Own

Lakshmi is known as Vishnu's companion. Most people have met her as Sita, the companion of Rama in the Ramayana. But Lakshmi has her own world of vivid, beautiful stories. Sure, in some she is trying to find her hero, Vishnu, but make no mistake, Lakshmi is a hero of her own.

It is the ultimate endeavor to be able to see through illusion, or maya, and realize the truth of the universe, that everything we see or hear or touch is really just the Brahman, a cosmic being who manifests as the universe itself. Realizing the truth of the universe and breaking free from the cycle of death and rebirth is called moksha. It is only upon reaching moksha that one can see the Brahman in its true form. In this storybook, Lakshmi has reached moksha, lived her final life and is reunited with the Brahman, who tells her the stories of her past lives.

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