Oh, hello sweet one!

Welcome to Little Jemmings - a shoot off blog that evolved from my desire to overshare on my past little side biz page, JEM Creative. As the insta character limit became a problem, I decided to venture out to a bigger space, so here we are! This sweet platform will slowly grow as the blog inspo pops up. I've already loaded a bunch of content that has been loved in the past and I'll continue to keep sharing pieces on my biggest passions - parenting, educating & getting my shit together at home as a working mum. But, you just never know what might just show up in my words.. stay tuned.

I have a few wishes for readers of this blog. I hope that after reading my words, you go away with something new to try, an alternate perspective, a subtle nod in agreement or the feeling that you are in fact, far from alone.

Thanks, lovers x

All professional photos featured on my blog are taken by my dear friend Mel of Mel Hill Photography

All stock images from Unsplash