CCBE Literacy Resources


The resources on this website are intended for adult learners.

Our goal in creating these resources is to create learning materials that are appropriate for Quebec Common Core Basic Education (CCBE) adult language learners at the Literacy level. These resources can be used at various levels or in multi-level classes and are ideal tools for teachers for remediation, enrichment, and reinforcement of learning.

These Creative Commons resources have been created by Farideh Raygani and Lindsay Harrar (ACCESS Brossard, RSB) for a RÉCIT Provincial Project with the English School Boards.


The majority of the activities require SMART Notebook. The resources can be used with the whole class, in stations, or small teams using a touch-based computer, such as a Microsoft Surface Pro.

Activities are organized in theme-like categories, however they can also be searched by course code using the following format - e.g. "B-123" or "123". Please consult the FAQ section for additional information about the site.