Online Media and Its Effects on Indian Postal Services

The digital economy and the internet have brought huge alterations in the world of communication, business and transportation. Both private and public sectors have been affected in a tremendous manner. The online media has continued to grow at an overwhelming rate which has had profound effects on all business sectors all around the globe. With the emergence of online media, the scope and speed of communications have increased.

The Indian postal services have undergone profound changes with the advent of electronic media and internet facilities. Today a large number of people resort to quicker and easier transfer of mails and money with the help of electronic media. The postal sector is facing huge competition from various other sectors such as online media, courier services, share market, insurance companies and private banks.

Effects of Online Media

As digital economy has flourished with the large number of people resorting to the usage of electronic mails and transactions, the Indian postal sector have experienced a sharp decline in its revenue. The postal division of the country is one of the leading public sector economies which provide employment opportunities to a large number of people. Speed, reliability and availability are some of the major advantages of online media. It can be used anytime of the day or year to communicate with people in any part of the world in no time.

Indian postal department have adopted various Usps liteblue changes to compete with its competitors. Today the postal services are not limited to simple transfer of mails. It has expanded its services in the field of e-billing, e-post, media post, retail post, western money transfer, logistic post and so forth. Several policies are adopted by the postal service sector of the country to improvise the existing scenario of the service sector.

Although the online media has its own advantages, it is not free from limitations. The online media lacks an adequate level of dependability, privacy, security and confidentiality in the process of transactions as required by the customers. Moreover, the internet facilities are unavailable in various parts of the country. A large number of people living in rural areas still rely on the efficiency of the Indian postal services.

Significance of Indian Postal Services

The postal service in the country is one of the most significant public sectors that contribute huge revenue to the country. Today the postal services in India have collaborated with various other global companies to improve its delivery services across the globe. The WorldNet Express is one such collaborated express delivery service of the postal department of India.