Long Island Road & Track Association

Long Island Road & Track Association

The Long Island Road & Track Skating Association (LIRTSA) was established in 1993. Its function is to promote the sport of in-line skating as a safe and enjoyable activity for all ages. It had functioned as an active club with dues paying member between 1992-2015 as both "Long Island Road & Track Association" and "Long Island Rollerblading, Travel and Sports Association" . Even though it is not currently being run as such, we will continue as a public service to provide the "spirit of LIRTSA" with safety and skating information for active individuals and families in the Long Island, NY area.

These are suggestions, you are skating at your own risk. Please skate and bike safely. Always wear a helmet and safety gear.

Our Favorite Places to Skate, Bike & Walk. Check out the "Places To Skate" page for more information and directions.

Jones Beach Path - Cedar Creek Park, Seaford, New York

Bethpage Bike Path - Massapequa Preserve, Massapequa, New York

Eisenhower Park - East Meadow, New York

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