Into the Lion's Den

Field Trip Disaster!

You and your classmates are on a field trip to the zoo. You have been to see the penguins, gorillas and the pandas. Next up are the lions.

You are lucky because your class has been selected to walk around inside the lion enclosure while the lions are being checked out by the zoo’s veterinarian. What a great opportunity! The field guide leads your class into the enclosure and you feel like you have stepped onto an African plain. There is so much to see.

You get mesmerized by the lion enclosure and you realize that you have been left behind by your classmates and the field guide. You walk over to the door where you entered, only to realize that it is now locked. You continue to look around not seeing anyone. Where did they all go? Oh no, you are locked in the lion enclosure.

You remember the field guide saying that the lions would be back in 1 hour. Looking at your watch, you realize you have already been here for 15 minutes… That means you only have 45 minutes to find a way to breakout of the lion’s enclosure. There’s got to be a way out… Right?