Connecting Agriculture & Food Research and Artificial Intelligence

We are excited to announce a call for proposals for a pilot project that will advance research in Agriculture & Food by applying machine learning.

This exploratory initiative brings together machine learning techniques and research in agriculture and food to support critical global issues around human health and a sustainable food supply. In this pilot we will select two projects that will be supervised during four months.

The project is led by Katya Kudashkina. Funding for this initiative generously comes from Evan Fraser, University of Guelph, and Rickey Yada, University of British Columbia.

Applications open for researchers in Agriculture and Food.

Graduate students working in the area of Food or Agriculture can apply for machine learning scientist to assist with their project.

Two projects will be selected to be advanced with machine learning.

Applications open for machine learning scientists.

Graduate students in AI that are interested to work part-time on the impactful projects can apply for a Machine Learning Scientist position.

Two selected machine learning scientists will be paired with the chosen Agriculture & Food projects.

Projects start and results are measured.

Milestones will be set for the selected projects by experts that will also overview the projects during their duration.

Results are reported throughout the projects’ duration and at the completion of the projects.

Selection Committee