Dr. Lingjuan Lyu

Email: lingjuanlvsmile@gmail.com

We have openings in both Hangzhou and Shanghai! Full-time expert/ (senior) software engineer/ (research) interns in the areas of federated/machine learning, trustworthy AI, edge intelligence are all welcome to apply! Just contact with me!

Work Experiences

  • Nov.2020 – Present

Expert researcher and team leader in trustworthy federated learning, Ant Group (Alipay)

  • Jan.2020 – Nov.2020

Research fellow, Department of Computer Science, National University of Singapore

  • Oct.2018 – Jan.2020

Research fellow (Level B3, same level as lecturer/assistant professor), Research School of Computer Science, Australian National University


Research Interests

  • Distributed/federated machine/deep learning

  • Trustworthy AI, Data privacy

  • Machine learning fairness and system fairness

  • Edge intelligence

My past research projects were supported by IBM Ph.D. Fellowship, ANU Translational Fellowship, Australian Research Council (ARC), EU FP7, National Science Foundation, etc.