2015 e-seminar: Metrolingualism, Translation, Translanguaging – led by Creese and Blackledge

We are very pleased to announce the next Linguistic Ethnography Forum e-seminar.

2015 e-seminar: ‘Metrolingualism, Translation, Translanguaging’.

in collaboration with

AHRC ‘Translation and Translanguaging: Investigating Linguistic and Cultural and Transformation in Superdiverse Wards in Four UK Cities’

Monday 13th April – Friday 1st May

The e-seminar will take as a point of departure the first chapter of :

Metrolingualism. Language in the City by Alastair Pennycook and Emi Otsuji (2015, Routledge).

Discussants: Adrian Blackledge and Angela Creese

LEF members are invited to join the seminar discussion

The timetable for the seminar is as follows:

13th April: Pennycook & Otsuji text distributed to LEF members

16th April: Blackledge & Creese response distributed to LEF members

20th April: seminar opens to LEF members for contributions to discussion by e-mail

1st May: seminar closes

Any queries please contact Jaspreet Kaur Takhi (project administrator, TLANG, University of Birmingham) at j.takhi@bham.ac.uk