The smallest stroller in the world. GB Pockit. Yay or nay?

This neat little thing, which upon assembly measures 30 x 18 x 35 cm, has been placed in the Guinness World Records, so I figured it deserved a closer look.

The characteristics that a perfect stroller should have

In my view, after dealing with a large and heavy carrycot that takes a lot of space in the trunk, this stroller is meant to let us catch a break and free some space for other gadgets. Everyone knows that the bigger the kid, the more baby products we end up with. Which means a stroller should be lightweight and compact. And that’s where GB Pockit has no matches! It only weights 4.3kg and once you fold it, you can fit it in every bigger purse.

You won’t find a smaller stroller anywhere in the world

b This is where GB Pockit manages as well, although I have to admit that I hadn’t expected too much from those tiny little wheels and this is where I was pleasantly surprised with this model. It is easy to push even for little kids, provided it is following a straight path. The stroller works great around airports, shopping malls, on even sidewalks or asphalt, but not so much on cobblestone, in a forest or at a beach. It is therefore not an all-terrain stroller, but then again, its intended purpose was completely different as well. Pockit is a stroller for those who travel a lot, perfect as a secondary, handy, lightweight and temporary stroller.

It is also common knowledge that the younger the baby, the more they need to have a nap during their strolls. Which therefore makes it nice for a stroller to come with a reclining seat. Our version doesn’t, but the GB Pockit Plus does recline to a sleeping position. So if your baby likes to drift away into a peaceful sleep, it’s a good idea to go for the Plus version.

Another obligatory thing in a stroller is a safety harness. It is locked with a snap buckle and on top of that, each part is buckled separately. Which means you don’t need to exert yourself too much, it is a very practical approach and my personal favorite as well.

Speaking of safety, another essential thing is a brake. The one here, despite its small size, works fine.

Another element is a shopping basket. It’s nothing to write home about here due to the compact size of the stroller, but we can easily fit something like a blanket in there.

Another noteworthy thing is the handlebar adjustment. The Pockit comes with a wide enough range to allow it to also be used as a doll stroller by a few year old, and even I didn’t have problems pushing it at 171 cm.

Due to the fact that the weather may not be kind to us when we’re away from home and we are as likely to be surprised by rain as by scorching sun, a perfect stroller should also have a spacious canopy. This one doesn’t. Instead of a canopy, we get a sun shade here, although this one didn’t really work well for us.

What did this stroller lack?

- Mini pocket on the back for keys, wallet or cellphone.

- A strap to comfortably carry the stroller when folded

GB Pockit from a mommy’s and baby’s point of view

Pockit will make a perfect stroller to travel with and in this regard it has no matches. It can be folded and unfolded with one click, doesn’t take much space in the trunk, has a modern design, comes in many different colors available and it left a good impression. Despite the manufacturer estimating it to be suitable for children 6 months to 4 years old, I believe it will be most convenient for kids aged 1,5+.