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Image Creation

Google Drawings and Slides for Image Creation

Image Design & Creation Apps for Chrome Browser Extensions

ColorZilla - Use the eyedropper to match colors in images to backgrounds and font colors

Create your personal bitmoji avatar to add to email signatures, presentations, social media and more.

Google AutoDraw

FREE Images for use in Student and Teacher Projects

Fuzzimo - Visual arts website that includes free images, fonts, textures, and more. Graphic designs are copyrighted but you may use them for projects, presentations, websites, etc.

Noun Project - Infographic Images

Recommend that you always search an image database to insure your students are searching in the appropriate age level resources.

Search to download properly attributed, Creative Commons photos for school!

  • Age Appropriate Images - All images are appropriate for the school setting, thanks to Flickr and Pixabay SafeSearch and our proprietary filters - Read More
  • Automatic Citation - Downloaded images automatically cite the author and the image license terms - Read More
  • Creative Commons - All photos shown are, to the best of our (and Flickr's / Pixabay's) knowledge, licensed by Creative Commons for public use

More Google Drawings & Slides Ideas

Multimedia Projects & Lesson Ideas

Toontastic App for iOS, Android - Free app to create animated cartoons with choices preset backgrounds, characters, and music. Narrate your story with the final product being a short video that can be downloaded.

Tootastic Animation Example for 3 part Storytelling




Audio and Podcasting

Music for Creating podcasts, videos, and more.

Music and Sound Effects that Meet Copyright Issues. Purchase music volumes once, a small yearly subscription to store them in the cloud.

Video Editors & Recorders

WeVideo - Web based, works on Chromebooks. Free but limited.

Open Shot Video Editor - Download to Windows or MAC computers. (Open source video editor)

iMovie - iOS platforms on Mac computers, iPhones, or iPad

Used to make screenshots for tutorials. Make images for step-by-step directions. Highlight and annotate as you make detailed instructions. Works on PC's and Chromebook Chrome browsers.

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