Making the Best Use of Technology in Your School Library Program

Welcome to the resources shared in today's seminar.

Message from Your Seminar Leader, Linda Dougherty

Join me as I take you through a day of practical strategies to incorporate the newest technology and other tools that bring your library up to date. As a former elementary and high school librarian, I have an understanding of the time restraints and pressures of collaboration. As a teacher librarian, I can bring you innovative technology tools that you will be able to immediately use in your classroom or library. From blogs to websites and creative apps to video creation, these current, reliable technology tools will give you the resources you need to do your job.

With the importance of digital citizenship for your students, we will look at excellent free resources to build a positive attitude toward using technology that supports collaboration, learning and productivity. We will look at ideas for lesson plans that bring multimedia into your classroom or library, allowing your students to use higher thinking skills to meet the demands of your curriculum. By the end of our day, you will have many innovative ideas, as well as a fresh perspective on how you can make technology a more valuable tool that is integrated into your instruction.

As a teacher librarian and professional development facilitator, I know that you’ll find the tools that I share with you immediately useful. I have also created a website to accompany the seminar, so that you won’t have to type in the URLs. Best of all, as I find new tools, or old ones disappear, you will still have the best resources in your digital folders. In addition, I am always available to you through email, to provide support after the seminar and to answer any questions.

Join me for this fast‑paced, idea‑packed day as we discover together all the exciting resources for library educators that are ready to use – within reach of your fingers!


Linda J. Dougherty


The resources in this collection are part of a 2018 full-day presentation.

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