Pronounced: The "Lights" Model


David V. Loertscher, Professor, School of Information, San Jose State University

Fran Kompar, Director, Digital Learning, Wilton Public Schools, Wilton, CT

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In Appreciation to Graduate Students at the School of Information, San Jose State University for their contributing editorship of this project:

  • Jason Kinsella
  • Kellsie Gifford
  • Jason Sue
  • Devorah Bader

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Print out a colorful two-page brochure about the LIIIITES Model:

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Print out a large poster of the LIIIITES Model:

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In Appreciation

Thanks to the many teacher librarians across the world who take risks, provide inspiration and do cutting edge things that give hope to the idea that the library learning commons can compete with Internet search engines and who make a difference in teaching and learning in their schools. And, to my graphic artist son, Mark Loertscher who has designed the LIIIITES model poster and to Kellsie Gifford, who helped in the construction of this website. And, of course to Fran Kompar, my co-author for her efforts to create showcase library learning commons in her CT school district.

---David V. Loertscher

Professor, School of Information

San Jose State University