Games Like Life Is Strange

Life Is Strange is an episodic graphic experience video game created by Dontnod Entertainment and published by Square Enix. The game has been released in five incidents occasionally throughout 2015. The game's plot focuses on Max Caulfield, an 18-year-old photography student who finds that she has the power to rewind time at any moment, leading her every choice to reevaluate the butterfly effect. After foreseen an upcoming storm, Max must take on the obligation to keep it from destroying her city. The player's actions will adapt the story as it evolves, and reshape it once allowed to return in time. Fetch quests and making environmental changes signify the kinds of puzzle solving along with using branching options for conversation.

5 Must Play Games Like Life Is Strange


This Sony exclusive remained under the radar until a little after it came back in 2015. After people began to see how amazing it was, the match afterward been shown to be among the greatest horror games in the past several decades. Games Comparable to Life is Strange, Until Dawn gets you creating very hard choices which constitutes for the foundation of this match.

Every choice you make is quite important when you would like to keep everyone the characters living by the end of the game. There are scores of endings which lure players to begin the game over upon conclusion simply to find out what could have occurred if you chose that other path or whether you hadn't said that you mean thing about that 1 character.


After enjoying Life is Strange, you are certainly going to see how Dontnod's previous name, Keep Me, affected the rewind and fast forwarding mechanisms in Life is Strange. Does the main character of Remember Me, Nilin, seem like Max (well, kinda), but the two games share similar aspects as it pertains to Nilin's Memory Remix skill.

Remember Me is a action sport -- first and foremost- which includes a exceptional combo system. There are moments in which you have to remix a individual's memory to fix conflicts in the storyline. You basically can make individuals feel a particular way or even prevent things from happening entirely by rearranging an area by way of instance, and making certain a particular character can not die. Being a completely different genre of a match, Remember Me is some thing which Life is Strange fans can certainly enjoy and see how it affected the latter.


In Firewatch, you perform as a guy who volunteers as a fire lookout at a national park set in Wyoming. He discovered that his wife was diagnosed with early-onset dementia that induces him to take the work through the summer -- as a way of escape. Firewatch is a first-person puzzle game that someone would predict a"walking simulator" of types. There are not any enemies to battle or complex puzzles to party your mind on, however what Firewatch does will give you an intriguing relationship between the primary character and his exceptional, Delilah.

You speak via a walkie-talkie and accept orders . As the narrative progresses, you are able to choose exactly what you say to her along with her answers and total attitude towards you may change. Can you flirt back along with your superior? Or do you drift from behaving new with her, always considering your ill wife back home? Much like Life is Strange, Firewatch struggles you to make your personal Henry and also to place yourself in his shoes and also to make decisions which will ultimately alter the course of this match.


Telltale Games are still put content out based from different properties; among the most prosperous name is the very first season of The Walking Dead, that puts players in the role of Lee, who runs to a woman named Clementine. The set has to then help one another to endure the crawler-filled world.

All Telltale's matches are stage and click/choose your adventure names which use options to form the narrative. Much like Life is Strange, the first season of The Walking Dead forces gamers to think long and hard until they make decisions. Especially towards the end of the match when one choice could form Clementine into a very different person down the street in the other seasons.


After dropping out of college at the age of 20, Mae contributes to her small hometown seeking to reconnect with her old friends when she discovers a horrible secret hidden away in the forest. Some pretty extreme themes are covered during the duration of the story like depression and psychological troubles. Night at the Woods follows a fairly linear narrative that is played at the vain of an adventure sport but there are certain choices that can be made that might let you find a backstory to some of the townspeople. It is your choice whether or not to hang out with said person but there can be rewards to having particular conversations with a set number of creatures.