Before you can compile anything, you must first edit and correct the file Sample's can be found in the ARMAKES directory. If you plan on using Parallel ARPACK you will need to use those sample files which contain either BLACS or MPI in their name. For example, ARmake.MPI-$(PLAT) or ARmake.BLACS-$(PLAT). Edit "" and change the definition "home" to the root of the source tree (Top level of ARPACK directory)

The makefile is set up to build a self-contained library which includes the needed BLAS 1/2/3 and LAPACK routines. If you already have the BLAS and LAPACK libraries installed on your system you might want to change the definition of DIRS as indicated in the file.

The LAPACK library on your system MUST be the public release. The current release is version 3.0. If you are not certain if the public release has been installed, we strongly recommend that you compile and link to the subset of LAPACK included here.

Do "make lib" in the current directory to build the standard library "libarpack_$(PLAT).a" (serial code)

To build the the parallel library, "parpack_$(COMMLIB)-$(PLAT).a", type "make plib". When using the parallel routines you must link to both the serial library and the parallel library.