LHS Public Speaking Club


Over 75% of the population has a fear of public speaking.

Ironically, public speaking is also one of the most important skills to have in all walks of life.

This skill helps you convey your ideas, stand out, be confident, and most of all, be heard!

Join our LHS Public Speaking Club to get more comfortable with professional speaking and leadership skills in a safe and judge-free environment!

WHAT YOU'LL GAIN: Newfound Confidence, Lifelong Speaking Skills, An Officer Position, Leadership Opportunities, Increased involvement in LHS, Hands on learning, A portfolio to use beyond high school, become a speaker for our LHS Lion Pride Spotlight News Channel, and more!!!!


  • Debates

  • Speeches

  • Impromptu speaking

  • Informative

  • Persuasive

  • Mass Media

  • Pitches & Sales

  • Interviews

  • Much More