New product line coming!

This is a picture of the pc enclosure design we will most likely be using for the LH Wireless Blast

We are introducing a new type of gaming pc targeted at tech enthusiasts

This new product line will consist of computers that are made to act like gaming computers from 2008 but better. these will be handmade computers that are assembled in the USA.

Below will be a list of specs that will most likely be inside our first generation of our new retro pc. The new computer will be called the Blast PC, Blast is for Blast From The Past.

Originally Scheduled for release on June 1st 2024. Possible delay expected

LH Wireless 

Blast PC

Win XP Home

8GB Ram


Intel Core 2 Duo E8400 3.0 Ghz

Nvidia GTX 260

Estimated MSRP $329.99

We feel that this price is great for a mid range 2000s like windows XP gaming pc. These computers will come with 256gb of Solid State Storage for fast Windows XP performance

The first batch will be very small. The second batch will be a bigger production. if you miss the first production you will get another chance when it comes back in stock!

This infomation is subject to change at anytime for any reason. This product is also subject to a redesign, revision, or termination of development before or after release if the product if is not viable, not successful, or not up to the highest standards. We want to sell you a product that will last you a long time. Release date is also subject to change at anytime for any reason.