About Us

We have extended our mission statement

We sell older model refurbished, cool, and unique phones for lower income people and bargain lovers. As a consumer-first company, we pledge to never impose exorbitant prices for a phone. That's why we will take criticism and try to improve our business based on what is said. We want to do whats right by the customer, so don't feel shy to express how you honestly feel about us on youtube and what we need to improve on. At LH Wireless you are the customer, you have a level of power, you have control, and it is time to take that control back. Many companies take the power and control for themselves, that's not right. Companies and customers should have a similar amount of control in this way. Company sells product, customer buys it, customer does what he wants with the product he paid for without company interfering. You deserve that right and we will give it to you because you are entitled to that.


How do I set the items up?

The setup process for the phones is completed prior to shipping. All that's required upon receiving the phone is to connect it to Wi-Fi and add your account. You may also need to obtain a phone number if you want to make calls.

Can these phones make calls?

No, they are 3G phones. They cannot be used in the United States.