Upcoming Events

Champ19ns Party

I know it's been a while since we won the league but it has also been a while since we all saw each other!! So after the Chelsea game on Saturday August 28th we are going to have a party to celebrate winning title number 19! It's perfect as you will all be at the pub for the game anyway! See you there. 

Right. We've not been able to properly celebrate winning our 19th title and even though it's over a year late, we're gonna party anyway. We felt it was fitting for us to hold the party against Chelsea (seeing as we lifted the trophy after playing them), so we'll be bringing out the big guns. I'll have more updates as we get closer, but here's what we're planning:

Past Events

sup your ale day.pdf

Enjoy a pint during the mid-winter break.

2019 Christmas Party

Date: Saturday Dec. 14th @ 4pm. 

It will be in the Annex at St. A's. It is a potluck style evening so bring a dish and enjoy the festivities! There will be the traditional quiz (can anyone beat Liz or Andy?) More details to follow.


Champions League Final,June 1st, 2019

What a day! Let's talk about six baby!!

An Evening with... Ray Clemence

A wonderful evening with a true legend of the club - Ray Clemence. Stories were told, questions were asked, drinks were drunk and fun was had!! Make sure to keep tuned for other events with legends of our great club.

An Evening with... David Fairclough

Supersub himself was in town! He shared some wonderful memories of times gone by, including playing in front of 40,000 fans in the Kop end. A great night and the first of what we hope to be many evenings with legends.