Today begins a new chapter, and a new me.

Redemption, Resiliency, Re-Birth, and Rejuvenation

Linda McDowell

She is a nurse, a metaphysical minister, a yoga instructor, a Reiki master, a certified holistic life coach, and a pain management coach. She has been in the business of assisting others in becoming the best version of themselves for over the past thirty years.

Patricia Douglas

She is the Senior Pastor in the Tennessee area. She experienced firsthand the true Grace of God when she became an unwed mother at the early age of 17. Ridiculed by the so-called church world, fear became a silent partner. Over the years her compassion to see women flourish has given her the name “Nurturer”. She is the Founder of AFOMF (A Few of My Friends) women’s ministry which is designed to bring healing, deliverance, restoration, and wholeness. Helping women to walk in the original plans God has for them, by reaching their maximum potential in His Kingdom.

Kathy Butler White

She has a master of science in nursing, specializing as a family nurse practitioner. She considers nursing her “calling” and has passionately delivered nursing care for over thirty-six years. She also has been a practicing family nurse practitioner for over fifteen years.

Renika Williams

Her vibrant spirit is one thing people tend to remember about her. Shedding and sharing light and finding joy despite one’s circumstances are things Renika lives by. Everything she’s passionate about involves social awareness, justice, strong women, and African American culture.

Taneesha Douglas

She was drawn to midwifery and ministry after a life-changing experience at a women’s conference her freshman year of college. She left the conference with a clear mandate to empower women to live their best lives mentally, spiritually, and physically. She is a midwife, prophetic intercessor, motivational speaker, and author.

Renee Rachell

Renee’s career as a healthcare information technology consultant, programmer, and solutions engineer spans more than twenty years; however, her love for community and helping others is her lifetime commitment.

Who the book Letters to the Woman I Was is for:

● This book is for anyone, man or woman, who has a past containing some skeletons.

● This book is for anyone who has the courage to face themselves and find answers that will help them live a bright and magnificent future.

● This book is for anyone who dares to dream and dares to fight for their dreams by facing themselves yesterday and today.

● This book is for anyone who needs another good book to read. It’s also for those who appreciate having a resource showing how others came through the dark nights of their souls and conquered their fears.

● This book shares ways to honor yourself, forgive yourself, and find help if needed.

Finally, if you write a letter to yourself and the woman you were and want to share it, email it to Mcdowelllinda14@yahoo.com. There may be a sequel, and you could be one of the next authors.