About Us

What's this group all about?

LeTip is a professional organization of business professionals dedicated to helping each other grow and improve our businesses!

What's different about us and why does it work?

LeTip teaches you how to network smarter and gives you the structure from which to grow. But it is our chapter as a whole that fuels the success of each member. Rather than just you selling on your own; with LeTip, you have a sales force of professional business people bringing you qualified leads. Remember, referrals are made based on trust and solid relationships. That’s why it is important to attend meetings and build those relationships so we get to know you, just as you’ll get to know us.

Board Members

  • President: Lauri Martin
  • Vice President: Doug Loehrer
  • Treasurer: Gina Macaluso
  • Secretary: Daren Morgan
  • Tip Master: Rob Auernig
  • Membership: Kristen Hewitt
  • Past President: Paul Reese

Committee Chairs

  • Program Director: Mark Tornatore
  • Visitation: Chris Wagner
  • Mentor: Mark Cyr
  • Inspector: Scott Colvin
  • Ethics: Tom Walker
  • Sgt. At Arms: Dan Matteson
  • Business Mixer: Karen Buckley
  • Publicity: Liz D'Amelio
  • Lunch Bunch: Chris Gray
  • Social Media: Joyce Blonskij