Biology as an information science


I've always felt a certain appeal toward understanding Biology and how it works - it's all around us yet other planets seem to be missing it. The basic code that guides it is simple enough - only 4 letters repeated in different sequences and read at different times - yet the complexity that emerges from reading those sequences is mind boggling.

If only we could understand Biology rather than be victims of it, would that help us fix problems in healthcare, in renewable energies, in carbon dioxide atmospheric reduction and possibly take our biology elsewhere, to planets where it never evolved?


Current Role: Director of Disruptive Technologies at Elsevier Labs (since Feb 2017)

Previous roles: Associate Director, Medical Knowledge Informatics at Foundation Medicine (2013-2017); Post-doctoral researcher and Unit Leader at DERI (2011-2013); Graduate Research Assistant at the MD Anderson Cancer Center (2006-2010); Research assistant at ITQB/UNL (2005-2006)


Licenciatura (BS + MS) in Biology (2004), Universidade de Lisboa

PhD in Bioinformatics (2011), Universidade Nova de Lisboa