Biology as an information science

I am a biologist and a bioinformatics trained scientist with an insatiable curiosity to understand the universe and life in it. I have a PhD in Bioinformatics from Universidade Nova de Lisboa and have my name on >35 peer reviewed publications - click the tab on the right if that list is what brought you here or check out my profile on google scholar.

I've felt an appeal toward understanding Biology and how it works since I was very young. The basic code that guides it is simple enough - only 4 letters repeated in different sequences and read at different times - but the emergent properties of those rearrangements is what keeps us going. Much like another 2 types of signals - 0 or 1 - can be used to support everything that anyone has even done on a computer or smartphone, I believe that if we understand how those emergent properties arise, how complex biological systems interact and communicate, we can control them and use them not only to eliminate disease and hunger but to create new clean sources of energy.

My hope for the future is that we as a species can learn to understand Biology instead of becoming its victims.


Current Role: Director of Disruptive Technologies at Elsevier Labs (since Feb 2017)

Previous roles: Associate Director, Medical Knowledge Informatics at Foundation Medicine (2013-2017); Post-doctoral researcher and Unit Leader at DERI (2011-2013); Graduate Research Assistant at the MD Anderson Cancer Center (2006-2010); Research assistant at ITQB/UNL (2005-2006)


Licenciatura (BS + MS) in Biology (2004), Universidade de Lisboa

PhD in Bioinformatics (2011), Universidade Nova de Lisboa