Individual and Group Psychotherapist, Belgium

Trainee in advanced level individual and group psychotherapy with the IGA, UK

Welcome to my site!

   I have been a Psychotherapist, Groupwork Pracitioner and Mentor in Brussels, Belgium since 2010. I am currently a Group Analyst in training with the Institute of Group Analysis in the UK.

People who have worked with me, typically made progress in the following fields:


"My partner has problems": 


Having a baby/children:

Issues with the wider family:

Overall satisfaction with life:


    Most of these problems can be especially well addressed in a group, but working in group is not for everyone. It requires a personality which is strong enough to deal with the pressure of the group, and a certain robustness to not lose oneself in it. It is often an advanced level of work, succeeding the resolution of a number of individual problems first.

    Life is full of ups and downs - it is hard to imagine a person without ever having a single problem. It is part of life and it is normal. If you recognise yourself in it, please do not hesitate to get in touch with me or a colleague. We, people profoundly need each other, and many of life's difficulties can be much easier and sooner resolved with an expert's help - while lots of them can't ever be solved alone.

I hope to meet you!

                              Lena Ildikó VINCZE NÉMETH