Lena Ildiko VINCZE N., Dip GWP

Individual and Group Therapist, Groupwork Practitioner, Mentor

Welcome to my site!

I have been a Therapist, Groupwork Pracitioner and Mentor in Brussels, Belgium since 2010. During the COVID-19 period the consultations are on-going without disturbance, however, online.

People who have worked with me, typically made progress in the following fields:


  • no relationship at all, or only short and unstable ones;
  • wish to change the dynamics of the relationship;
  • wish to end unsatisfying or abusive relationship and to start a new, stable one;
  • couple with serious relationship problems after having 1 or 2 or more children;
  • having a third one while being in a committed relationship - having a lover or the partner having a lover;
  • not being able to decide which potential partner to choose;
  • not finding a suitable partner, despite everything looks good on me and people want to flirt with me;
  • I am always a third in a relationship, I feel like it’s never “my turn”;
  • jealousy.

"My partner has problems":

  • my partner has depression;
  • my partner cannot accept my mother/family;
  • with alcohol.


  • being unemployed;
  • working for minimum wage;
  • wish to step up in career, to receive a pay raise or promotion;
  • fear of public speaking, despite work would require it;
  • I have a good position but it’s empty, I don’t feel really useful;
  • "I am not happy with my job (despite my salary), but I don’t know what I would really like to do. Also I don’t think I could make this much money with anything else" (which is a common fantasy and not always true);
  • I do my job well, but I don’t like it, I think I deserve better.

Having a baby/children:

  • no satisfying relationship but crave for having a baby;
  • difficulty with conceiving;
  • not wanting a baby yet, but running out of time;
  • going through egg-freezing or IVF treatment;
  • previous still birth or premature deliveries and desire to deliver baby well and on time;
  • having a child with special needs in the family;
  • child having problems in school;
  • being a step-parent is difficult.

Issues with the wider family:

  • complications with mother-in-law or father-in-law;
  • feeling guilty in the relationship with them;
  • my parent(s) want to live with us but it is not working for us;
  • we want our parents to live with us but they don’t want to and we are worried about them living alone;
  • we would like our parents/brothers/sisters to help us but they are not interested;
  • death of parents or close family member, or of a beloved pet.

Overall satisfaction with life:

  • feeling lonely and isolated;
  • (not severe) suicidal fantasies (in case it is acute, please do contact a psychiatrist as soon as possible);
  • cursing unexplainably;
  • not feeling at home in Belgium, wanting to go back to my home country;
  • I am here, but I rather be somewhere else;
  • "the Belgians are stupid”, I don’t want to do anything with them - but I feel isolated here, even if my life looks busy socially.


  • obsessions (sexual, drug, medication, sport, career etc.);
  • I know I have problems but nothing helped so far I tried.

Most of these problems can be especially well addressed in a group, but working in group is not for everyone. It requires a personality which is strong enough to deal with the pressure of the group, and a certain robustness to not loose oneself in it. It is often an advanced level of work, succeeding the resolution of a number of individual problems first.

Life is full of ups and downs - it is hard to imagine a person without ever having a single problem. It is part of life and it is normal. If you recognise yourself in it, please do not hesitate to get in touch with me or a colleague. We, people profoundly need each other, and many of life's difficulties can be much easier and sooner resolved with an expert's help - while lots of them can't ever be solved alone.

I hope to meet you!

Lena Ildikó Vincze