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Greetings, and welcome to Leisurely Scientist! My name is Tom Wildoner, I have loved the science field, particularly the "Natural Sciences" since I was a child (a long time ago). This photo blog is my attempt to share science through photographs and also to help me organize my work. My interests are wide and include astrophotography, bird and nature photography, landscapes, waterfalls, macrophotography, and more. I hope to share some science information through my photography. I will try and explain processing techniques, equipment setup, and more. I hope you enjoy yourself here and put some of what you learn use. Comments and questions are always appreciated!

You can find me on TWITTER as @tdsobservatory, my image portfolio is available on FLICKR, and I post on REDDIT as leisurelyscientist. I also post images on my Facebook account at

My images have been used on UNIVERSE TODAY, EARTHSKY, The Washington Post, Sky and Telescope, Pennsylvania Parks and Forests Foundation, Earth Science Picture of the Day (EPOD), Amateur Astronomy Picture of the Day and numerous online media outlets and E-Magazines. I have a liberal policy regarding my images, they can be shared as long as credit is given for the image and the image is not edited in any way.

I also manage the Dark Side Observatory in Weatherly, Pennsylvania. The observatory can also be followed on FACEBOOK at

Wishing you clear skies!


Online References:

A short video showing the construction of the Dark Side Observatory from the design to first light.