Author Visits

If you would like to schedule a school visit or game of scrabble,
please email me at leighstatham23 at Gmail.

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I enjoy spending time with students of all ages. My books are best for middle school through high school and I have several options for presentations. I’m also happy to work with any curriculum you may be using. I prefer to visit in person, but am happy to virtually speak anywhere in the world. Speaking fees are negotiable depending on travel costs. Title 1 schools are dear to my heart!

-> Sample Presentations <-

-> All Things Poetry - How to publish poetry, write poetry, or understand poetry - I'll do any class you'd like on poetry!

-> Creativity – Why We Shouldn’t Neglect Our Right Minds
Many school districts are removing art, music, and creative writing from their standard curriculums from kindergarten through high school. There is scientific evidence proving this will be detrimental to future generations, but the only way to stop this trend is to educate those who will listen and those who care, starting with the youngest of our citizens. This presentation can be altered to fit any amount of time or any audience.

-> Getting Creative with the Past – The Birth of Steampunk / Mixing Fact with Fiction

A great class for readers, writers, history buffs, or general populations. We’ll talk about fact checking, why it’s important and when you can bend the truth in your own writing. Plagiarism, finding reliable sources, and Wikipedia will also be discussed.

-> lotting – How to Get Away with Everything
Class covering the seven basic plot structures with popular examples and writing activities. Best for a creative writing class of any age.

-> Conquering Writer’s Block – How to Finish What You’ve Started
A pep talk with examples and built in writing time. Best for a creative writing class or students interested in writing novels.