Leeds Club History Project

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Tracking the history of club events in Leeds

Hello! If you have ever visited or been involved in any pub / bar / social club / dancehall / shebeen / disco / nightclub / rave / club / events in Leeds, UK, your help is needed. This includes club nights and events covering ALL types of music, all genre(s) and any theme going right back to the 1950s to the present day.

My name is Stuart Moss and I am a researcher at Leeds Beckett University. I am attempting to track the complete history of regular and recurring club events in Leeds. This is a huge project, and I need your knowledge and assistance in order to do this.

I am using the word 'club' as a catch-all term. This can include any kind of venue (official or unofficial) where people go to listen to music (any kind of music) that is primarily played by DJs for people to dance to.

I am creating an online searchable database that will serve as a lasting history of all regular or recurring club events in Leeds, including the venues, the names of events, music policy, themes, DJs and promoters. This is a huge undertaking, as there are quite literally hundreds (if not thousands) of such events that have taken place. I will also use these responses to create a visual genealogical map of how club events have evolved and developed in Leeds.

Were you there? Did you go? Can you help me?

Here is the list of events that I have gathered so far, if you would like to add to this, please click the link below, if you spot an error on the list or can help fill in a blank, please email me on s.moss@leedsbeckett.ac.uk .

Click here to download a spreadsheet to submit multiple events


Stuart Moss