Journal Articles

Working Papers

Work in Progress

  • Understanding the Global Aid Architecture for Education

  • Where did Free Primary Education Reforms work, and why?

  • Engaging Education in a Crisis: The Impact of Technology-Aided Teacher-Student Interactions in a Low-Income Country

  • Discrimination by Politicians Against Religious Minorities: Experimental Evidence from the UK, with Ukasha Ramli

  • Low Returns to Low-Cost Private Schools: Experimental Evidence from Delhi, with Justin Sandefur and Dev Patel

Book Chapters

  • Teacher Labor Markets in Developing Countries, Routledge Handbook of Education Economics (forthcoming), with Todd Pugatch, IZA Discussion Paper Version

  • "Jobs and the Labor Market" and "Consumption Patterns", in The Emerging Middle Class in Africa, edited by Mthuli Ncube, Charles Leyeka Lufumpa, Routledge, Google Books

Policy Papers

  • Beyond Brexit: Four Steps To Make Britain A Global Leader On Trade For Development (2017), with Ian Mitchell and Michael Anderson, CGD Policy Paper

  • Can education markets work for the poor? (2016), with Masooda Bano, Rebecca Doherty and Shefali Rai, OPM/EDOREN Report

  • Review of the Literature on Basic Education in Nigeria: Issues of access, quality, equity and impact (2014), with Sara Humphreys, OPM/EDOREN Report

  • Growth in Indonesia: is it sustainable? (2013) with Mark Henstridge, Gaber Burnik, Mateo Cabello, Federica Chiappe, Sourovi De, Maham Farhat, Maja Jakobsen, OPM Report

  • Exchange rate options for South Sudan (2012), with Christopher Adam, Unpublished Working Paper (Discussion: Gulf Times)

  • Smallholder Farm Risk Management in Developing Countries (2012), with Abhijeet Singh, Background Paper for OECD