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train the trainer seminar

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European society is ageing. More and more older people are requested or even pushed to continue to be active in employment, family, our communities and in wider society. Only be increasing and enhancing their opportunities to engage in learning to better understand their own lives, their potential and the contexts of society around them can we make best use of their experiences, skills and talents. With this population change it is vital that we ensure that harmony remains between generations and that there is a better understanding of what ageing means – personally and to the society we live in.

It is essential therefore that there is training for those committed to working with older people to enable them to continue to fulfil a role confidently and competently in the world around them.

Train the Trainer Seminar

Learning in Later Life in an intergenerational context

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This course fits in with the EU priorities: “Professionalization of professional and volunteer staff.

The objective of the seminar is a better understanding of the role of education in later life related to citizenship and well-being, encouraging active ageing and better communication between and across generations and an exchange of good practice between adult educators, managers, teachers and facilitators.

The seminar will stimulate and motivate you to organize, moderate and facilitate later life learning. It creates the opportunity to develop your own competence and methodological skills for learning in later life. Moreover, you will meet partners for international projects in this field.

The seminar is geared for those with considerable experience in later life in diverse settings as well to those relatively new in the discipline.

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