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We are a passionate and dedicated group of learners who have come together to foster a collaborative and supportive environment for studying and personal growth. Our community is built on the principles of shared knowledge, mutual encouragement, and continuous learning. At Learner Infinity, our goal is to create a space where individuals with diverse backgrounds and interests can connect, engage in meaningful discussions, and enhance their understanding of specific topic or field. We believe that studying together in a group setting not only accelerates learning but also nurtures creativity and critical thinking.

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Date: 23 Sep 2023, Saturday
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Students review

Vikash Ray

Thank you sir for giving the projects for free. I actually

don't know about MySQL anything before after finished

your course I'm at Pro Level in SQL. It is Great learning

from you sir.


Biki Majumder

This internship is well beyond your expectations.I got to

learn lots of tips and tricks for creating an amazing and

insightful projects in very short spam of time. I would

recommend to everyone who want to be make projects.


Rahul Patel

This course of Tableau dashboarding helped me to

make stunning and amazing dashboards for business