Our Values

Leaky Skylight Pictures is an independent film production company, founded in 2021 by Breanne Nicole Wilson and based in Colorado. Storytelling is our passion, and we are always striving to tell the best, creative stories that entertain audiences of all ages and backgrounds.

Our core values are based in our Christian faith.


Our word is our bond, and we take all of our work and contracts very seriously. 


We believe the personal lives of all our colleagues and clients are important, and we do our best to work with your schedules and important dates. For this reason also, we do not go over ten-hour shooting days unless absolutely necessary, and maintain open communication on all our projects.


We love all people at Leaky Skylight Pictures, and want to make sure that everyone on our sets feels valued and respected. 

Meet Our Team!

Breanne Nicole Wilson - Founder, Producer, Writer, Director, Actress

Breanne Nicole Wilson is an award-winning actress, writer, producer, and director from Colorado, and is the owner and founder of Leaky Skylight Pictures. In 2019, she graduated magna cum laude from The University of Colorado Denver with a degree in Film and TV Production, and has since worked with Starz, Truce Media Collective, The Edge Ziplines and Adventures, and NBC Universal. She’s also a fencer, voracious reader, convention attendee, and avid traveler.

Jacob Kimmick - Producer, Director, Writer

Jacob Kimmick is a Film Director and Producer from Denver Colorado who wants to make films that make people feel better whether that's through laughter or crying. He just wants to help people the way movies helped him grow up. 5+ years of experience pre, pro, and post production. He says,  “I’m a team-player and natural leader who wants to help every department succeed, and steer any project's ship towards greatness with help from my team and my gut feeling of what's best for the project.” 

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