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Do you get most of your enquiries through referral - word of mouth? That is great. It proves that you do great work because your customers are happy enough to refer you to others. Better still, they are free leads.

But, there's a down side and that is it’s unreliable. You can’t foretell when or if they (referrals) will happen and you can’t control it. Word of mouth referred business is out of your hands and out of your control. or is it?

Maybe you get most of your enquiries through word of mouth? That’s great. It shows you do great work and they’re free leads. But, the down side is it’s unreliable. You can’t tell when or if they happen and you can’t control it. Word of mouth referred business is out of your hands.

Do you have a website? Have you tried getting business from Google?

Have you tried Google adwords? It gets expensive really fast and it’s hard to get results.

Maybe you’ve tried paying an adwords ‘expert’? There are lots of so-called experts but not many can get your phone ringing… Adwords DOES work – but only when it’s done properly, with phrase matching and landing pages, etc.

And SEO (search engine optimisation) – there are lots of people who’ll offer you SEO services at £99 per month, but can never deliver results – simply because you can NOT do SEO for £99 per month!

Anyway – don’t think that Adwords, or SEO or Facebook advertising doesn’t work just because lots of people have wasted or lost a lot of money trying it.

It most certainly does work – but only when it’s done right.

I'm sure that you’d love to get more customers for free – by referral – but that’s just unreliable and risky. And I'm sure that you know that before you can make the sale, you have got to get the enquiry first. Right? Well, you can make referrals happen, but only if you have a system for managing that…

Do you know how many enquiries you need before you make a sale? In other words, if I send 10 people to you that are interested in the product/service that you provide – how many of the ten can you convert to customers? 2, 3??

Lets say 3 on average. So if you wanted (or needed) to make 3 sales per week, you need at least 10 new enquiries every week. Agreed? So how will you get those 10 enquiries?

A reliable flow of new customers is the life blood of your business. ​How do you get them? Advertising? Word of mouth? What do you do now and how repeatable and reliable is it?

Very few businesses have systems and processes in place that make the acquiring of customers repeatable and reliable. But we can help you with that. All is not lost. Leading Results use sensible and affordable small business marketing to get you more enquiries and more customers quickly.

Why is Search Engine Optimisation so important?

Online Search engine optimisation is critically important for local businesses.

Search engine optimisation is as important for business now as having a phone number.

You cant do business without a phone - well, not if you're a local business anyway. And you certainly can't do business if you don't have customers find and contact you. that what you need SEO for. To get you found online.

Your customers are going to google to search for the services that you provide. Gone are the days when everyone had a yellow pages or a golden pages directory at home. Today, these yellow books often go directly from the post box t the recycling bin without even having the plastic wrapper torn open.

Not only are your customers going on line to search for your services - but most of your competition are already there - waiting on your customers to show up?

Tell me again why you don't have a website??

You should be found on Page 1 of the search results - because your competition are already there.