Luís Diogo

I am a symplectic geometer working at Uppsala University. I am interested in pseudoholomorphic curves, Lagrangian submanifolds, mirror symmetry and knot contact homology. 

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We use the wrapped Fukaya category to study monotone Lagrangians L in cotangent bundles of spheres. If L has non-trivial Floer homology, then it is non-displaceable from either the zero section or from one element of a 1-parameter family of monotone Lagrangians diffeomorphic to S^1 x S^{n-1}. This follows from the fact that the zero section and this family of Lagrangians split-generate the Fukaya category of compact monotone Lagrangians.    

Advances in Mathematics 427 (2023) 109114.

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We prove a formula for the Alexander polynomial of a knot K in terms of the augmentation polynomial of K (which is defined via the knot contact homology of K). The proof involves studying pseudoholomorphic curves in the cotangent bundle of Euclidean 3-space, with boundary components mapping to the zero section and to a Lagrangian that is diffeomorphic to the knot complement.    

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A survey of the paper Augmentations, annuli, and Alexander polynomials (joint with Tobias Ekholm), starting with an introduction to the Alexander polynomial and to symplectic geometry. Based on a seminar given at the conference Matemáticos Portugueses pelo Mundo, in Porto, in 2019.

Boletim da Sociedade Portuguesa de Matemática 77 (2019) 51-68.

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We explain how to compute the symplectic homology of a complement of a smooth Donaldson-type divisor in a closed symplectic manifold, in terms of (absolute and relative) Gromov-Witten invariants of the manifold and the divisor. 

Journal of Topology 12 (2019) 966-1029.

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We prove transversality for the moduli spaces used to compute symplectic homology in the paper above. We also show how monotonicity hypotheses in the manifold and the divisor reduce the Morse-Bott cascades that need to be computed to a small list.

Journal of Fixed Point Theory and Applications (2019) 21:77 .

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We prove a formula relating the superpotentials of monotone Lagrangians in Donalson-type divisors with the superpotentials of their monotone lifts. This formula includes contributions from relative Gromov-Witten invariants of the pair (symplectic manifold, divisor). Applications include a proof that there are infinitely many non-symplectomorphic monotone Lagrangian tori in complex projective spaces, quadrics and cubics of arbitrary dimension, and a new symplectic proof of a quantum Lefschetz hyperplane theorem.   

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