to abide by the mission of the Boy Scouts of America and the Girl Scouts of USA

and to reinforce the Vietnamese cultural values which emphasize the importance of family and community.


1. Please call/email the leaders to let them know in advance if your child will not be able to attend the meeting. If we don't hear from you after 3 consecutive meetings, your child will be dropped from our list of active members, so we can register new members.

2. Please drop your children off and pick them up on time. Our meeting will start from 9:30 and end at around 12:00. Please let us know if you have to be late (up to 15 minutes and no more than 3 times). We will understand if sometimes your children have to be late due special circumstance, but on time attendance is the first step for our scouts to learn to be responsible and plan ahead.

3. Remember to sign in and out for safety reasons too.

4. Check our website regularly for information about our meetings and events. Do not call our leaders for information that already sent to you or posted on our website.

5. Make sure that your scout(s) arrive at the meeting prepared and ready to learn by wearing his/her uniform and having scout materials with them (Scout handbook, binder, pen, etc.)

Liên lạc: Trưởng Đào Diệp Hương (714-351-4043)

Trưởng Trần Hồng Bích (714-235-0460)

Trưởng Hà Gia Hòa (714-552-0080)

BSA- Orange County Council

1211 East Dyer Road - Santa Ana, CA 92705

(714) 546-4990

Girl Scouts of Orange County

9500 Toledo Way, Suite 100 - Irvine, CA. 92618

English – (949) 461-8800