The LBC Hero Squad celebrates differences and feels everyone is a hero


A city-wide culture of kindness and acceptance, celebrating differences of all children


To create and implement school and community events to provide awareness, education, and to promote acceptance, kindness, and inclusion of children and youth with autism and other special developmental/learning needs.


The LBC Hero Squad was founded in 2016 by a group of parents as a means of providing awareness and education to the community about autism. When Jen and Scotty brought the Hero Squad to Cubberley, more interested parents joined our small, but very mighty team. LBC Hero Squad has held 5 autism awareness weeks at Cubberley, which has now become an annual event. Our Awareness Weeks have expanded to celebrate differences, such as: incorporating kindness, acceptance, and inclusion themes. We are sharing our efforts with other schools and communities, so they may also implement similar efforts. Our goal as a squad, is to raise funds for special day classes to participate in extracurricular activities, provide materials, create events and fundraisers, and support our families in any effort that we can. We are a squad that Celebrates Differences and feel that Everyone is a Hero.

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