The Los Angeles Workshop on Representations and Geometry

mentored by Allen Knutson and Paul Zinn-Justin

June 6-10 2022, University of Southern California


LAWRGe is an annual workshop which aims to bring together graduate students and postdocs interested in representation theory, geometry, and related subjects. Each workshop will focus on a specific topic and be mentored by a pair of experts on it. The workshops will take place at the University of Southern California, and are funded by NSF CAREER grant DMS-2143922.

2022 Topic: Schubert Calculus and Quantum Integrability

The topic of LAWRGe 2022 will be the relationship between Schubert calculus and quantum integrable systems developed in the papers Schubert Puzzles and Integrability I and II of Knutson and Zinn-Justin. Puzzles are combinatorial objects that, since 2004 work of Knutson and Tao, have been known to control intersection theory on Grassmannians and flag varieties. The more recent discovery to be explored in this workshop is that puzzles also have a representation theoretic meaning: they are controlled by R-matrices of quantum affine algebras.




A primary goal of LAWRGe is to foster collaboration among young researchers with a diverse range of interests and backgrounds. As such, we encourage applications from all institutions and all levels of graduate education and postdoctoral development. Since space is limited, anyone interested in attending must apply on the application page linked above. We can only guarantee that applications received before 4/2/22 will be considered, and earlier applications are encouraged. In reviewing applications, we will be trying to assess how much each applicant would benefit from the workshop, as well as how much other participants would benefit from the applicant's attendance.

If you are local to the Los Angeles area and do not require accommodations or funding, you may attend LAWRGe as long as you register on the local registration page linked above. We expect to be able to accommodate all interested local participants, but registration is necessary so that we can plan accordingly.


All participant accommodations will be fully funded through NSF CAREER grant DMS-2143922. There is a limited amount of funding available for participant travel, but we ask that participants able to fully or partially fund their own travel do so. Applicants should describe their funding situation in the application.

Contact Information

Please email the organizers at lawrge.math(at) if you have any questions.